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Domenic Barbero is a freelance director of photography and creative director. Domenic resides in Seattle but works all over the west coast. He is a graduate of the Northwest Film School. Domenic spent time living in LA working for producers in the early 2000's. Now his focus to put his creative passion into feature length narrative, documentary, commercial,

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"Domenic is a true professional with a great eye and a great attitude. With almost no preparation time, he came onboard GHOSTLIGHT and did a fantastic job, helping to make the picture look like a million bucks, both literally and figuratively. He has the gear and the talent to lend high quality production value to your film, no matter what size." 

Jeff Ferrell - Director, "Ghostlight"

"I recently got the chance to work with Domenic on my directorial debut film, "A Damn Dirty Night", and I can't even begin to tell you how much of a joy he was to work with. The level of professionalism that he brought to set, coupled with his natural artistic eye, added a new layer to the film that would not have been present had it not been for his participation. Domenic is able to get exactly what you want and more, thanks to his vast knowledge of the inner-workings of each department on a film set, as well as his very accommodating and approachable demeanor. Not one shot is wasteful, generic, or dull; even when a particular scene requires standard coverage, Domenic's grasp of the artistry of film finds a way to make each shot interesting and dynamic. His many talents, inherent understanding of film, and kind, laid-back personality make Dom an invaluable asset to any project, and I count myself truly fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with him. I see an extremely bright future for him in the industry, and hope to be able to share the set with him again."

Erik McClintock - Director, "A Damn Dirty Night"

"Domenic is both a great pleasure to work with and a complete professional. Most importantly, he listens to your input as a director and does his best to accurately manifest your vision. I would recommend him for any project of any size or scope."

C.R. Saxton - Music Video Director, Portland

"Domenic is a pleasure to work with. His eye for capturing a scene through the camera is always beautiful and unique. He's able to understand a directors vision while also bringing his own look and framing to the movie. The only person happier to be working with Domenic is the editor because his shots cut so well together and look terrific."

Sean Leonard - Director, "Aspectator" and "Living on One"

"Domenic is a knowledgable, hard working DP, who has a great handle on utilizing the full power of his RED. He's not afraid to get down and dirty, and gets the shot when time is fragile. He's my go to guy and my first choice DP in Seattle."

Ross Asdourian - Director, "Local Brew" webseries

"Domenic is a fantastic DP. I have worked with him on two separate occasions. Once as a Director and once as a 1st AD. Both times I was more than impressed. He is efficient with time and can run a camera smoothly while working with lighting appropriately to properly complete a Directors vision. I highly recommend him for projects in the future and I will be hiring him in the future for upcoming shoots of my own."

Sean Patrick Burke - Director, "Rocktards" TV pilot 

"Without Domenic, my film FRISBEE would be nothing more than a script and a dream. Thanks to his support and vision throughout the whole process, we were able to create a film that looks awesome. With a great eye, pro gear, and a vast knowledge of film, Dom brings a lot to the movie set; beyond your average DP. Working with him was a great experience that I hope to repeat in the future."

Benjamyn Lockwood - Director, "Frisbee"

"Domenic has a great eye and a knowledge of his craft that rivals anyone else I've worked with, but it's his experience and wisdom that makes him an invaluable asset on set, especially for a young director such as myself. It's been an honor to work along side him, and hope to again in the near future."

Jeff Vigil - Director, Seattle

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